Pacific Salmon Foundation


At Big Fish Coffee Co., we are committed to environmental sustainability, and we believe in contributing to causes that align with our values. That's why, for the entire month of February 2024, we are thrilled to launch a special fundraiser in support of the Pacific Salmon Foundation. We've chosen to partner with this organization because of their dedicated efforts towards the conservation and restoration of Pacific salmon populations in British Columbia and beyond.

About the Pacific Salmon Foundation: The Pacific Salmon Foundation is a leading non-profit organization working tirelessly to safeguard the future of Pacific salmon. Their mission encompasses habitat restoration, scientific research, and community engagement to ensure the long-term health and resilience of these iconic species. With a focus on the intricate web of ecosystems that salmon inhabit, the foundation plays a pivotal role in sustaining biodiversity and preserving the cultural and economic importance of salmon to communities throughout the Pacific region.

Donation Structure: For every bag of coffee purchased during the month of February 2024, Big Fish Coffee Co. will donate a portion of the proceeds to the Pacific Salmon Foundation. The donation amount per bag will be based on the purchase price after any applicable discounts or affiliate fees.

  • If no discount code or affiliate fees are used, the donation will be $5 per bag.
  • If a discount code or affiliate fees are applied, the donation will be $5 less the value applied per bag. For example a 10% discount code would result in $5 - $2.25 = $2.75 donation per bag. 

Minimum Donation Guarantee: Regardless of the purchase price, we guarantee a minimum donation of $2 per bag. 

Discount Code Impact: Please note that using a discount code will affect the donation amount. The donation will be calculated based on the discounted price, not the regular retail price. To best support the PSF, we encourage you to avoid any discount codes for February 2024.

Collection and Donation Timeline: All funds collected during February 2024 will be earmarked for donation to the Pacific Salmon Foundation. The total donation amount will be determined at the end of February, and the contribution will be made to the organization in March 2024.

Legalities and Location: Big Fish Coffee Co. is based in British Columbia, Canada. This fundraiser is subject to the laws and regulations of the province of British Columbia.

Your support is invaluable in helping us make a meaningful contribution to the Pacific Salmon Foundation's vital work. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this fundraiser, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for joining us in supporting the conservation of Pacific salmon!